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 How to fix xmas lights

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How to fix xmas lights Empty
PostSubject: How to fix xmas lights   How to fix xmas lights I_icon_minitimeThu 03 Feb 2011, 7:36 am

How To Fix X-MAS Lights Tutorial

Things You Will Need

A Jtagged xbox 360 that has X-MAS Lights
A usb Flash Drive
Your original Freeboot Image

Step 1.
First you will need your Orignal Freebot Image. Once you have that you are going to rename to updflash.bin Make sure that it is not updflash.bin.bin, so basically just name it to updflash

Step 2.
Once you have your orignal freeboot image renamed,plug in your USB Flash drive into your computer, then put it in the root directory of your USB Flash drive.

Step 3.
Once you have it your original freeboot renamed, and on your USB, you can go ahead and unplug it from your Computer. ONce you do that just plug it into your Jtag. Then boot up your Jtag into Xell ( Make sure that you USB is configured and is formatted to FAT32)

Step 4.
Once you have your Jtag booted into xell with your Original Freebot renamed to updflash on your USB plugged into your Jtag, Xell will do the rest for you. It usually takes about 5 minutes or so for it to flash.

Step 5.
When it is done Flashing it will say power source, once you see that unplug your power cable from the Back OF your JTag. Note: Your Disk Drive should Still be open. Let your JTag sit for like 10 - 30 seconds and Plug your power cable back in. And Turn on your JTag normally.

If you followed these steps correctly, then congratulations. You have succesfully Fixed your X-Mas Lights on your JTag!

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How to fix xmas lights
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