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 How to make an ISO and then HOTSWAP

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How to make an ISO and then HOTSWAP Empty
PostSubject: How to make an ISO and then HOTSWAP   How to make an ISO and then HOTSWAP I_icon_minitimeTue 19 Apr 2011, 4:51 am

Hey everybody I am feeling helpful today so I am going to provide a TUT on how to make a modded ISO and then Hotswap it onto your XBOX360

Step 1 Download these tools QBITZ9JM
The tools will include ABGX360 WX360 and imgburn

Other Files- A common.ff(modded) A Codepost.ff and a Nazi_Zombie_Prototype.ff
I will not provide these because it is up to you on which mods you would liike to use.

If any are missing just search them on google and find a download link.

Step 2 Download this Download manager

Step 3 Download A RIP of WAW from here
just copy all of the links while JDownloader is up and click Continue with all. Then it will start to automatically download them.

Step 4 Open your ISO in ABGX360 and go to the fix tab make sure your settings are like mine:::

How to make an ISO and then HOTSWAP 24514793d4847838aa8feaee8800ff49
Make sure that your verification level is on 3 not 2

Hit launch and let it run until it is complete. When it is running all the text should become Green and White. Then it will lead you to a progress bar kind of thing. Let it complete it self.

Step 5 Open WX360 Open your ISO and then scroll down and find the file named default.exe and extract it to your desktop. This is vital the entire process will not work if you do not do this. Then Replace the following files with your modded ones The common.ff the codepost.ff and Nazi_Zombie_Prototype.ff wait for those to finish padding then Replace the Default.exe and exit the program.

Step 6 Finally open up ImgBurn and Hit write image to disc. Then go to settings then click write and set your setting like mine

How to make an ISO and then HOTSWAP 66396c0b68873c9bb8f4f6dfd057de8f

Make sure they are exactly the same especially the sectors in L0.

Then Open up the 1kb file not the entire ISO but the file with the little imgburn logo on it and set your write speed to x2.4.

Wait for it to burn and buffer and then you will need to hotswap.

My own videos up soon!

Dont buy his shitty patch Buy mine lol XD
No really his patch is garbage its iBetrayys 1.5.3
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How to make an ISO and then HOTSWAP
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