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 [TUT] How to mod Halo Reach with USB! (GPD)

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PostSubject: [TUT] How to mod Halo Reach with USB! (GPD)   Sun 29 May 2011, 1:52 pm


1)You must have a 1GB or larger usb stick.

2)You must have it configured with your xbox 360.

3)Create an offline profile on your usb

4)Start up halo reach and select your gender ect.

5)Unplug your usb from your xbox.

6)Open modio and extract your offline profile to your desktop.

7)Now open up le fluffie and go to file,open a file.

8)Open the profile that you extracted and go to content.

9)Find the content titled 4D53085B.gpd and right click and go to replace file and replace it with the modded gpd (Which can be found HERE)

10)Once you did that go to security and click "fix

11)You can now exit out of le fluffie and open modio back up.

12)Find your profile Example:E00482UJIODLS, and delete it now right click and go to insert file and insert the profile you just modded.

13)Unplug your usb from your computer and put it back in your xbox.

14)Start up reach select your usb device and BAM you have over 2 billion cr and everthing unlocked including the haunted skull.
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PostSubject: Re: [TUT] How to mod Halo Reach with USB! (GPD)   Mon 30 May 2011, 11:32 am


Fixed errors

Replaced Rapidshare link with Mediafire link

Added offline only message at top of tutorial.
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[TUT] How to mod Halo Reach with USB! (GPD)
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