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 How to make 3d gt

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PostSubject: How to make 3d gt   How to make 3d gt I_icon_minitimeThu 03 Feb 2011, 8:52 am

Tutorial on how to make a 3D gt.

Alright so first what you'll need to do is put your gt on your usb and have it on your computer, make sure it's at least 1gb.
Plug in your usb to your xbox and go to the dashboard. Go to system settings, then memory..
You should see USB Storage Device, select it and configure now. This will delete everything on your usb, so If you have important content in your usb, you should store it on your computer.
If it says it doesn't reach the 360 performance recommendations, it's fine don't worry about.

Once you have done that move your profile onto your usb, just go to hard drive->Gamer Profiles->choose your profile and move it to your usb. Unplug your usb from your xbox and plug it onto your computer.

Download Usb Xplorer-
If you havn't downloaded winRAR download here-

Once have downloaded usb xplorer and installed winRAR..right click on usb xplorer and extract the files to your desktop and you should have a folder on your desktop titled USB XTAF Xplorer
Open that and open up USB XTAF Xplorer
Go to file->Open Device and it should open your usb.
Keep double clicking the files until you can't.
Click extract at the bottom and extract to your desktop.

Now we can have the gamertag modded

Download EzGt 2.2-

Extract to your desktop and open the folder then open up EzGt 2.2.
On the upper left hand side there should a icon of when you see a friend is joinable on your friendlist, it should be blue.
Click it and open the your profile from your desktop
You should see your Gamer Tag on the bar beneath your console id
Delete your letters and go to the tab "advanced" and add hex (Od)
Then press space. Then go to the "add" tab and add any color that you want to be your background color or your shadow color(^0 is black )
After you choose your color, add 4 characters or less, ONLY 4.
Go back to the advanced tab and add hex (Od) but DON'T add a space.
Then choose your foreground color or main color.
Then put the same 4 Characters that you choose after that.
Go to the blue person and save..
if it says to either save as text or save as hex, save AS TEXT
and save to the desktop

You have just made your modded 3D gamertag YAY!
Now you should have a folder on your desktop upon saving, open up USB Xplorer again, open device and double click content then drag and drop the folder there!
Unplug your usb and plug it back to your xbox.
Move your xbox live profile and your modded profile onto the xbox hard drive.

Now go to MW2 and go to the multiplayer menu.
Make sure you are logged out of any profile.
Click XBOX LIVE then it should say
'You must be signed in to Xbox LIVE to play Xbox LIVE matches.'
Press OK and select the modded profile(The one that look wierd).
It should prompt you to choose a avatar..DO NOT CHOOSE A AVATAR..just press the guide button and you'll exit out.
Do those steps again but choose your regular profile that you use to play xbox live.

Your gamertag should now be 3D!

If you're having any trouble just make a post or pm me and I'll get back to ya!

Also If you sign out you'll lose the the 3D'll have to do the XBOX LIVE thing again. Thanks!
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PostSubject: Re: How to make 3d gt   How to make 3d gt I_icon_minitimeMon 07 Feb 2011, 12:49 pm




How to make 3d gt PbucketHow to make 3d gt Pbucket
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How to make 3d gt
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